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Window Cleaning Tip - Using the Right Equipment for the Job

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Window Cleaning is not rocket science. For the most part it requires only the most basic of planning skills to complete a job. Now granted, the level of planning and thought needed to undertaken before starting a job increases exponentially as the height from the ground increases.

But even then, it is more a look at safety, how to be efficient, and the window cleaning equipment you will need to complete the job.

That being said, many window cleaners have a tendency to overcomplicate the window cleaning job, which results in hassles, inefficiency, and lost profit on the job.

The other day I saw a picture on the internet of a classic example of overcomplicated window cleaning.

The picture was of a window cleaner using a 25 or 30 foot rented boom lift to reach a set of secsecond-floorndows on a fivfive-storyilding that could easily be reached by using a watwater-fedle, a traditional extension pole or even ladders.

The boom lift being used in the picture is all wrong for that building, as it's not necessary for the windows he is cleaning and the lift is too small to reach the windows above the 3rd floor and it looks like it might not even be able to reach all the 3rd f3rd-floorows.

By cleaning the building's windows in this manner the window cleaner has made the job more expensive to the building owner and inefficient and expensive for himself. A much better way to clean this building would be (assuming the building is no more than 4 floors) to use a water fed pole system to clean all of the buithe building's windowshe ground. This method would allow the window cleaner to very efficiently clean all of the buithe windows of the building, very quickly and for a much lower price, while still making exceptional money for himself.

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