Volkswagen Beetle EU Bumper 55-67 in stainless ste... - Alabama - 54639

Volkswagen Beetle EU Bumper 55-67 in stainless steel

Anuncio# A54639 · Montgomery, Alabama

Are you looking for getting the best bumper for your car? Please contact Ms. Jessi at ptt-jessi(at)sgbumperscar(dot)com from PTT Bumpers Company for more information. We specialize in manufacturing STAINLESS STEEL BUMPERS for CLASSIC CARS, such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, Volvo, Jaguar, Ford, Opel Rekord, BMW, Borgward Isabella, Trimph, Heinkel ...We have more than 10 years experiences so we know way to manufacture STAINLESS STEEL BUMPERS with BEST QUALITY!

Our company can reproduce any kind of bumpers you need; from a one off set of for your special cars or for a small production of bumpers. Many reproduced bumpers are only available in fiberglass; we can make them in STAINLESS STEEL! Our STAINLESS STEEL BUMPERS are never chromed and are hand polished. If dented they are much stronger than mild steel and tend to spring back with much less damage to your bumpers. To fix a dent on stainless steel bumpers the dent is merely hammered out and polished! No need to strip the chrome and rechrome the bumpers again! Additional, we also process metal such as Aluminum, Zinc, Copper…

Don't hesitate to contact Ms Jessi for having the best STAINLESS STEEL BUMPERS for your cars now!

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