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Use Hybrid T8 4ft LED Tube To Save On Your Energy Bills

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One of the problems which arise while choosing lighting for the commercial places is the lack of support from the manufacture’s end and getting the lights repaired by the electrician on the daily basics is very time consuming and costly process. On a contrary, if you choose to use LED lights of a renowned brand, you will get full support from the manufacture’s end along with experiencing the best lighting for your offices.

Among various lights, the Hybrid T8 4FT LED Tubes » are quite popular due to their flexible to work with the ballast or without the ballast as well. Some other prominent features of these hybrid LED tubes are as beneath:

  • The installation of these tubes is very easy; you just disconnect the power to the lighting fixture, remove the existing fluorescent tube and then insert the LED tube into the lamp sockets. These hybrid t8 4ft LED tubes can work with or without ballast as well.
  • Upon successfully installing these tubes; you can enjoy its simpler operations & maintenance along with a hassle-free lighting till the time the tube is working. On an average, the hybrid t8 4ft LED tubes work for almost 50,000 hours or close to 6 years if the tubes are used for 24 hours a day, and if the number of hour’s decreases to 12 hours a day, these lights will work for more number of years.
  • The hybrid t8 4ft LED tube is available in 18watts with color temperature of 6500K; this tube is equal to 50W fluorescent tube of T8, T10 and T12 types and by replacing the fluorescent tubes, you can make a significant amount of energy savings. The lumen output is 2400.
  • All the t8 4ft LED tubes hybrid that come in glass have a 220 degree beam angle that is used for very huge spaces and wider areas.

So start using these hybrid t8 4ft LED tubes that comes with DLC approval making it eligible for necessary rebates and incentives. Apart from proving beneficial on your pocket, these lights are also useful for the environment as well, as they are free from harmful chemicals including mercury and halogen that can contaminate the environment drastically.

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