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Use 20W LED Wall Pack To Save Energy Bills

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If you own a factory, you can’t afford to neglect the security of the workers working at your commercial unit, to ensure a smooth running of the operations. For the best lighting results, you can use a 20W LED wall pack Light » that are photocell enabled which further reduce the electricity bills by huge amount and will provide the outstanding outdoor security lighting results.

Benefits of using a 20w LED wall pack light are as follows:

  • These 20w LED wall pack lights reduce the monthly electricity bill by huge amount and gives you an additional savings that can be used somewhere else.
  • The lumen output of these 20w wall pack LED is 2200 with color temperature of 5700k, you can replace the existing 75w HID light with this 20w LED wall pack light and can make huge savings.
  • These wall packs are environment-friendly lights that don’t contain any mercury, halogen or any other condiments that can harm the nature.
  • Once installed, these wall packs can work for 50,000 hours for providing the outdoor security to the workers.
  • Use them without experiencing Flickering or Humming sound that can distract you from doing your work. Also these lights come with an IP rating making them eligible to withstand dust and moisture-resistant.

In addition to enjoying numerous financial advantages, also by using these 20W LED wall packs you can protect the workers and staff from the harmful UV or IR radiation that are risky for the human health.

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