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Use 120W LED Wall Pack Light As The Perfect Outdoor Lighting

Anuncio# A29190 · Phoenix, Arizona

The LED Wall Pack Lights » are a great replacement to the outdoor metal-halide lights which can help in reducing the monthly expenses by significant level. Also you can use these wall packs at the entry and exit of your factories to ease the mobility of workers easily.

Advantages of using a 120w LED wall pack light are as follows:

  • These 120w LED wall pack light emit 16,000 lumens and you can replace any MH light of 350watts with this 120w wall pack light and save more in your pocket.
  • Also the color temperature of this wall pack light is 5700K that produces a natural daylight color temperature best for the security lighting purposes.
  • Have beam angle of more than 155 that covers a major portion of the warehouse; also use them without experiencing any flickering or humming sound which otherwise can distract your from working passionately.
  • These forward thrown 120W Led wall pack lights are extremely easy and comfortable to install as the given plastic screws make the installing much quicker and easier.

So next time don’t compromise on the outdoor lighting by using those incapable lights that not only require much electricity to emit glow but are also much expensive then these eco-friendly 120W LED wall pack lights that are DLC certified and comes with a 5 years of warranty from the manufacturer.

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