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A 2016 pricing comparison done by a non-profit independent Medical Tourism organization found that looking at the average prices of 20+ most common procedures performed in 13 countries India has the highest savings. Medical costs for comparable procedures in Ahmedabad are at least 40-50% lower compared to Delhi, Chennai, Kolkatta, Mumbai, and Bangalore – patients from all over India come to Ahmedabad for quality health care at affordable prices!!. Ahmedabad has 20+ accredited hospitals with at least 10+ hospitals that are multi-specialty hospitals.

US spends more than 2 times what any other developed country spends. US Ranked 27th in the world for its levels of healthcare. Millions of people in the US are uninsured or significantly under-insured. One out of 5 personal financial crisis is directly related to healthcare spending.

Inshort, TravelForSurgery » aims to make some of those high cost surgeries and procedures more affordable without compromising on the quality.

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