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The Best Infant Day Care in East Hanover, NJ

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For infant day care, low ration of teacher to student and miniature class size are maintained. The most essential part of infant care is napping. Napping infants are observed with interval of each 10/ 15 minutes and they are kept in a musical background for their sound nap. Foreign Language and American Sign Language are taught to the infants to stimulate their brain function and to enhance their interpretation and communication.

At New Generation Learning Center, our students graduate being well prepared for school not just in the academic’s area but also gain self-help skills, confidence, independence and social skills. They know how to take turns, share, ask an adult for help, use their words to express their feelings, make friends, ask questions to find out more, and have good manners. In fact, we emphasize the social skills and emotional readiness in our curriculum.

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