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Switch From Fluorescent Tubes To LED Tubes to Save Huge Money

Anuncio# A27867 · Minneapolis, Minnesota

Today the most energy efficient lights are the LED tubes that are a perfect replacement to the traditional form of lights such as fluorescent or halogen lights and are used increasingly to lighten the indoor commercial and residential places. The LED embedded lights will not only make the place look more graceful but will also reduce the monthly electricity bills as well. So if you are still using those traditional forms of lights, change them with these smart and eco-friendly LED Tubes » to witness a drastic downfall in the overall electricity bills.

Advantages of using LED tubes are as follows:

  • All the LED tubes start immediately and you will not witness any kind of flickering or buzzing as well while using these lights.
  • In case you are using these single pin tubes, you will require a Ballast Bypass and all you need to do is to directly wire them into the socket for line voltage.
  • These lights will give you more energy saving benefits as well, for example, if you have install T8 48w 8ft R17 LED tubes that produce 5760 lumens, then you can replace them with the traditional 120w MH lights in a way to make at least 75% savings in the overall lighting results.
  • You will get 3 years of warranty from the manufacturer end on buying these lights for solving the indoor commercial and residential lighting needs.
  • Also the wider beam angle of these lights is useful to illuminate wider and larger places as well.

These LED tubes come in multiple different sizes including 2ft, 4ft and 8ft as well, all are designed to cater to different lighting needs and will give maximum results for more than 50,000 hours.

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