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Substitute 120W Fluorescent Tube With T8 8FT 48W LED Tube Lights

Anuncio# A38106 · Minneapolis, Minnesota

With the advancement in technology we can choose from wider range of lighting options that fits our budget, but getting something that is really worth it is quite important to use your money in a right way And if you opt for the LED tube lights, you can really get the worth full results in terms of lighting and it’s costing. One such type of tube which can be used everywhere is a T8 8FT 48W LED Tube Light » that can be used at all the places, no matter how big they are.

Specifications of using a t8 8ft 48w LED tube light are as follows:

  • The color temperature of the lights is very important to have a nice ambience, the color temperature of this t8 8ft 48w LED tube light is 5000K which produces neutral white light – day white light glow making the atmosphere cozier. Also the lumen output is 6000.
  • These lights start instantly without producing any flickering or humming, they are much better than the fluorescent tubes that produce so much noise while lighting up.
  • The lifespan of these t8 8ft 48w LED tube light is close to 50,000 hours and can give same results, if used for 24 hours a day as well.
  • The base of these LED tubes come in Rotatable R17D (HO) to retrofit the existing fluorescent fixtures, and you can install the tubes by bypassing the ballast and making a direct connection with the line source.

So quickly replace the fluorescent tubes of up to 120w with these 48w LED tubes with whom you can enjoy 5 years of warranty giving to you from the manufacture’s side.

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