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Skyrocket Your Business Growth. Bring your Brand Online / Halawa

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If there is one thing the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us is that you should always diversify your income streams.

If you are a business owner who does not have an online presence, then you are absolutely missing out on a HUGE stream of clients looking for YOUR business.

With one simple website, you can grow your business several fold and leverage the power of the internet to get a constant stream of customers.

Hi, I’m Alex and I have been building websites for the past year. And now I want to help your business!

Here is why you should work with me:

  • I can create a creative and modern website from very scratch using advanced web technologies.
  • I provide solutions for every type of business
  •  I will support your business and website, even after the job is done!

    I value your time, which is why I’ll deliver the website usually within 10 days. Want to know the best part?

    I’ll do everything mentioned above for $200 instead of the $1000 I normally charge, for the first 5 clients!

In 10 days, and $200 dollars, even if you manage to convert one new client would it be a bad deal? Now imagine converting an unlimited number of clients for as long as the website lives on!

Note- The 200$ does not cover domain hosting ($16 a month) and website domain name (Estimated $20 one time fee).

Shoot me an email if interested- »

Email me your phone number (I won’t spam or sell your number).

What your site is about.

Any images or videos you want used.

Product or service description.

Details about why I should buy your service for the site.

Please include websites that you want me to model your website after.

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