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Monstercourses is a foremost online training portal that pioneers in providing Ruby Cucumber online training. Enhance your skills and knowledge with our comprehensive course and rise in your career faster. Cucumber is a command-line tool. When you run it, it reads in your specifications from plain-language text files called features, examines them for scenarios to test, and runs the scenarios against your system. Each scenario is a list of steps for Cucumber to work through. So that Cucumber can understand these feature files, they must follow some basic syntax rules. Cucumber supports Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework. Cucumber allows automation functional validation that is easily read and understood. Cucumber was initially implemented in Ruby and then extended to Java framework. Cucumber is a software tool that computer programmers use for testing other software. It runs automated acceptance tests written in a behavior-driven development (BDD) style. Cucumber is written in the Ruby programming language. Cucumber projects are available for other platforms beyond Ruby. Some use Ruby Cucumber with a bridge into the target language Others use the Gherkin parser but implement everything else in the target language. Cucumber allows the execution of feature documentation written in business-facing text. Capybara, which is a part of the Cucumber testing framework, is an example of web based test automation software. Contact us: » USA: +1 772 777 1557 & +44 702 409 4077 Skype ID: MonsterCourses

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