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Rodent Control and Treatment by Pest Management Inc

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Rats and mice are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents in the United States. They consume and contaminate food, damage structures and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals, including humans. Rats and mice thrive under a wide variety of climates and conditions; they are often found in and around structures, farms, gardens and open fields. Most households will experience mice/rats at some point. It is important to take steps to prevent mice/rats from being attracted to structures. Once a rodent has found a home with plenty of food, it will inevitably build a nest and start to breed. Since mice are nocturnal creatures (usually venture out at night), it is not always easy to tell if you have a mouse in your house. For more info about Rodent Control: Call us +1 (855) 790-7537 / (512) 288-1007. Or visit at »

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