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Quantum Dots (QD) Market

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Quantum Dots (QD) Market is anticipated to expand at US$ XX Mn with a CAGR of XX% in the forecast period 2018 to 2026. Quantum dots can be incorporated into new-generation applications such as flat-panel TV screens, digital cameras, smartphones, gaming consoles, and personal digital assistant (PDA) devices. The increasing demand for displays with higher efficiency and enhanced color quality has exhibited the growth of QD displays.

The rise in the use of consumer electronics devices such as mobile phones and tablets are increasing the demands for display devices which is major growth driving factors of theQuantum Dots (QD) Market. Further, the application of quantum dot technology in newer application areas such as food & packaging and security & defence will drive the growth of the Quantum Dots (QD) Market.

The high cost of the quantum dot technology as compared to other traditional display technologies and extended research leading to slow adoption is a major challenge and is further restraining the growth of the global Quantum Dot market. Quantum Dots (QD) MarketQuantum Dots (QD) Market can be segmented into the application, material type, technology, end-use industry and geography. In terms of application, the Quantum Dots (QD) Market is classified into biological imaging and four more segments. The biological imaging sector is the most mature segment in terms of revenue and it is expected to contribute to the growth of the Quantum Dots (QD) Market. However, the optoelectronics application is expected to have the highest potential for the analysis period 2017 and 2026. The renewable energy application is the next fastest growing application in the Quantum Dots (QD) Market. Based on technology, the colloidal synthesis segment is the most popular technology in the sector currently, as it has the potential to produce quantum dots at a large scale. However, it is expected that bulk manufacturing would have the highest revenue share with the highest growth rate due to its ability of large-scale QD production with better quality. The cadmium free QD technology is expected to have the second highest growth, as it would be used in consumer applications since cadmium has restrictions for use in these applications.

Based on Geography, North America led the Quantum Dots (QD) Market in 2017 followed by Europe. Asia Pacific Quantum Dots (QD) Market is expected to grow with the highest rate during the forecast period 2018 to 2026 and overtake the position of Europe in Quantum Dots (QD) Market. The Asia Pacific is still an emerging market for quantum dots technology. However, the presence of big players in the Asia Pacific market such as Samsung Electronics, Sony Corporation, and LG is expected to push the growth of quantum dots market in the Asia Pacific region. Japan and South Korea, being technologically advanced in the field of electronics and semiconductor devices, are going to drive the market in terms of technology and innovation.

Some of the major players identified across the Quantum Dots (QD) Market include NANOSYS INC, Sigma-Aldrich Co., Nanoco Technologies Limited, and Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

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