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Polycarbonate Sound Barrier Ensures A Silent Environment

Anuncio# A31948 · Phoenix, Arizona

Escalating demands of automobiles and vehicles and rapid pace of city development has caused serious noise pollution, especially the commercial and residential area which runs along highway, railway and bridges. For this reason, noise barrier is urgently needed to reduce noise level and improve people's living.

What is a Polycarbonate sound barrier? Polycarbonate sound barrier is a prior alternative among many types of soundproofing options. Although glass-like appearance, it is virtually unbreakable and will not deform or crack when cut, drilled or milled using the right tools.

Thanks to its high light transmission up to 95%, this transparent sound barrier can substantially abate noise pollution while preserving visual views along the soundproofing barriers. In addition, many colors are available which adds special view to the environment.

Clear polycarbonate noise barrier installed along a bridge which causes terrible traffic noise day and night. PSD-1: Polycarbonate noise barrier significantly lower noise level as well as not break natural views.Polycarbonate sound barrier along a railroad is designed to block traffic noise. PSD-2: Residents who live railway station will not have a sound sleep in case there is not a polycarbonate sound barrier. Clear polycarbonate acoustic barrier used along a heavy freeway. PSD-3: Trucks, cars and other vehicles will cause serious noise pollution to the residents who live along the freeway. Thanks to the installation of polycarbonate sound barrier, they should not stand up terrible noise as before.Blue polycarbonate sheets used as bridge acoustic barrier. PSD-4: To increase interests to the bridge, the engineers use blue polycarbonate barrier to decorate the cement bridge. Polycarbonate sound barrier installation Polycarbonate sheets are very lightweight and often installed on any solid flames including aluminum, steel, plastic, wood or other materials. Compared with conventional concrete sound barrier, polycarbonate significantly decrease installation time and project cost.

Specification of Polycarbonate Sound Barrier Thickness (mm) Weight (kg/sqm) Min. Bending Radius (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Color 1.5 1.8 180 1220 mm 1560 mm 1820 mm 2100 mm 3000 Clear Blue Green Opal Blue-Green Light-Green Opal-Light Bronze (Brown) 2.0 2.4 300 3.0 3.6 450 3.5 4.2 520 4.0 4.8 600 5.0 6.0 750 6.0 7.2 900 7.0 8.4 1050 8.0 9.6 1200 10.0 12.0 1500 12.0 14.4 1650

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