Philips d3s 35w bulb by XenonPlanet - New Jersey - 60644

Philips d3s 35w bulb by XenonPlanet

Anuncio# A60644 · Jersey City, New Jersey

Xenon Planet is known as best solution provider for your vehicle's lightening including HID bulbs, Headlight parts, LED angle eyes, TMS controls unit module for BMW, Lear and other accessories like ballast controls unit cable and HID bulb cable etc.

Xenon Planet offers the best price on the market to our customers for genuine Philips D3S Xenon bulb . Philips D3S » is the best choice for HID Xenon Headlight replacement bulb, as it provides one of the highest Lumen outputs on the market reaching approximately 3200 LM.If your old D3S Xenon HID bulb was with different brand name badge, you can still replace it with this Philips D3S XenStart bulb

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