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One of the hardest parts of the development process is getting started

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To avoid taking too long to get your mobile app up-and-running, it’s best to put all your high-level information, research and specifications in one document by creating a PRD. With a PRD as your project foundation, you will be able to clearly communicate technical feasibility, implementation plans, as well as risk and change management strategies to all team members and stakeholders. Proper mobile app planning has many benefits and speeds up the process significantly by giving the product vision enough shape to start prioritizing a feature set.

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In the early stages of planning product requirements, the overall product vision tends to be unclear and it’s difficult to determine what features and functionality are necessary to deliver user value. Similarly, it’s not always easy to see the full range of technical opportunities. It’s up to the product team to guide the customer through product requirements planning to discover the best possible solution for development

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