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Anuncio# A57836 · Lake Charles, Louisiana

MODULE 1: Introduction TO Unix and Linux: Histroy of Unix and Linux Basic Concepts of operating system,Kernel,shell and file system structure Basic Concepts of Linux Various Flavors of Linux

MODULE 2: Installation of Linux : Manual installation of Linux Network Bases installation (Kickstart)

MODULE 3: USER and GROUP Management: Creating users Creating groups modifying users and groups

MODULE 4: File Permissions chmod,chown Suid,SGID,Sticky Bit (Special Permissions)

MODULE 5: Disk Management Creating a disk and attaching them to Linux servers Creating Disk on Fly without reboot or down time and how to save business LVM (LOGICAL VOLUME MAGEMENT) RAID(RUDUNDANT ARRAY OF INEXPENSIVE DISKS)

MODULE 6: User and group quotas ACL (ACCESS CONTROL LIST) backup and recovery ----- > tar and cpio Scheduling Tasks with Crontab

MODULE 7: package management installation of packages manually installation of packages with yum how to configure yum repository Kernel up gradations

MODULE 8: NFS Server: Installation of NFS Sharing Files With NFS with scenarios

MODULE 9: Installation of FTP sharing FTP to anonymous users sharing FTP to authorized users HOW to jail/confine users with chroot

MODULE 10: Installation of SAMBA smb protocol sharing files to windows and Linux using SAMBA

MODULE 11: Installation of NIS Migration users from local machine to NIS servers nfiguring NIS client

MODULE 12: Installation of DHCP Configuration of IP pool for DHCP servers Binding the Mac to IP so that Ip would be reserved Configuring DHCP Client

MODULE 13: Installation of DNS Configuring DNS client Integrating various services with DNS

MODULE 14 : Configuring mail Servers with SMTP,Imap and pop squirrel mail (web client) How to Relay the mail how to create Distributed lists and send mails

MODULE 15 : installation Web-servers Various types of hosting Name Based,Ip based, and port based hosting Web servers with user authentication Web servers with SSL certificates

MODULE 16 : SQUID proxy Squid as a firewall Restrict particular users Restrict users to access particular websites Restrict users on time

Module 17 : Securing servers with TcP wrappers overview of Iptables

MODULE 18: Trouble shooting fsck files system checks to recover the file system corruption grub trouble recovering the root passwords Trouble shooting various issues

MISCELLINOUS: what is Xinetd NIC bonding X11 services BASIC shell scripting and overview of Visualization installation of ESX servers and creating vms on the ESXi BOX Process and memory management in linux

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