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Review Iqos heets The summer of 2017 was when I was introduced to IQOS for the very first time. Because I am fascinated by new and interesting "technological stuff," I have made up my mind to experiment with it. And what can I say other than that I was overjoyed? Iqos heets dubai When it comes to the sale of this product, Philip Morris relies on a vast distribution system of IQOS dealers. As a result, in order for me to proceed, I was had to fill out a form on their website in order for them to lend it to me for a week so that I could test it out and see for myself how well it worked. After that, the IQOS partner proceeded to give me a lecture that lasted for an hour in which he explained everything. I got six packs of HEETS at a reasonable price, and then I was all set to go. IQOS is made up of a few different components. The Charger, which is about the same size as a regular pack of cigarettes and which you are required to take around with you because it has a Holder into which you must place HEETS, which are abbreviated cigarette labels made specifically for use with IQOS, Additionally, cleaning tools and a micro USB charging cord are contained within the box's attractive packaging. In our article titled "What is IQOS and how does non-burning smoking work?," we discuss the operation of the device in detail. There are a lot of things to take care of before the first puff. At the start, there were a lot of things that needed to be done first. To fully charge the Charger takes around two to three hours of time. After that, place the Holder into the Charger and continue to wait for another four minutes. Take out the Holder, place the HEETS in it, and then hold the button on the Holder for a few seconds while waiting. After that, wait some more until the cigarette is finally heated up enough to be smoked. Similar in difficulty as piloting a plane »

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