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Have Safe and Clean Lighting by installing 150w LED Canopy Light at The Gas Stations

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The 150W LED Canopy Lights » are the fixtures that can be easily mounted to the ceiling and are frequently used as commercial parking lights, gas station lights among many other places and are completely sealed to prevent dirt and bugs from getting inside the light. If you are also considering buying lights for the gas stations, then buy these eco-friendly lights that along with giving you great energy benefits will also let your customers know that you care for nature as well.

Out of many types of LED canopy lights, you can use a 150w LED canopy light that easily meet the required lighting standards.

Benefits of using 150w LED canopy light are as follows:

  • This 150w LED canopy light can easily replace MH or sodium-potassium light bulb that consumes 400w of power to save 250 watts of energy.
  • The available color temperature of these canopy lights is 5700K that delivers daylight color temperature; also the wider beam angle of more than 112 degree is good for illuminating big spaces as well.
  • These canopy lights start instantly without wasting your time and after successful installing process, these lights can work for more than 50,000 hours.
  • Comes with a lumen output of 17242 lumens, this 150w LED canopy light have great advantages over the traditional lighting fixtures.
  • Get 5 Years of warranty from the manufacturer on purchasing these canopy lights.

Make the gas stations brighter by installing this 150w LED canopy light that has high-brightness output, easy installation, energy saving option and environmental protection as well among many other benefits that you are looking in the lighting fixture.

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