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hadoop spark and scala online training

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Apache Spark, Scala hands-on Online Training, Job and Interview Support by IT working experts

Apache Spark training offers you learn Apache Spark cluster-computing framework, a way to to make Spark applications, Spark Streaming, a way to Invoke spark shell, Spark SQL, Spark Provides a Resilient Distributed Dataset, Machine learning programming, Spark cubic centimeter & GraphX Programming., etc.

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Spark Interview queries and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments are going to be provided SPARK / SCALA define / AGENDA (the course content may be changed as per client requirements):

Scala • Introduction to Scala • Mutable and Immutable • Functions and Higher order functions • Class, case class and Objects • Collections • Functional Programming

Spark • Introduction to Spark • Spark Architecture • RDDs in spark • Data Frames – Spark SQL • Data Sets • Different File Formats in spark • Spark on Yarn Streaming • Spark Streaming including Kafka Integration • Structure Streaming including Kafka Integration NoSQL Database • Introduction to Mongo DB • Introduction to Cassandra • Spark integration with MongoDB and Cassandra

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