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There are many hand-held Co2 launchers in the marketplace. But there aren’t any that are as reliable or shoot as far as our 3 handheld Co2 launchers.

Our hand-held Co2 launcher could shoot stadium streamers 85’ and more. You can buy or rent this handheld confetti cannon in the USA » from Flutter FETTI.

Handheld Co2 Launchers

In the realm of handheld Co2 launchers, ours stand out for their reliability and impressive shooting range, thanks to U.S. Patented Trigger Units.

There's a plethora of handheld Co2 launchers available today, but none match the reliability and distance of our three models.

The MEGA BLASTER: Designed for Precision

Our MEGA BLASTER is tailored for precision. Featuring a 2" diameter barrel, it's ideal for launching our 2" X 10" die cut products.

The MASTER BLASTER: Reaching New Heights

For those who need to shoot stadium streamers up to 85 feet and beyond, we offer the MASTER BLASTER. This launcher can accommodate up to 15 - 2" X 40' tissue or metallic streamers, setting new industry standards.

The Quarter Turn Launcher: Compact Powerhouse

When a compact launcher is required, the Quarter Turn Launcher comes into play. With its compact 24" barrel, it's designed to shoot 25' - 30' high into the air while maintaining serious power.

What sets our handheld Co2 launchers apart is our unique recommendation to cap and tape the cap onto the launcher barrel. This technique builds compression, ensuring that your products soar to impressive heights.

Furthermore, we've recently received a U.S. Patent for the trigger unit used in all three of our handheld Co2 launchers.

The Quarter Turn Launcher boasts a 6" aluminum reservoir housing the piercing unit, preventing any Co2 leakage. Both the Master Blaster and the Mega Blaster come with 8" aluminum reservoirs that house the piercing units on the trigger unit.

Notably, the same trigger unit can be used for both the Mega Blaster and the Master Blaster Launchers, making it a highly versatile option in the market. We guarantee it works flawlessly every time.

As the Co2 is released into the reservoir, it warms up and expands. Our 3/4" diameter valve allows for a quicker release of Co2 into the barrel, resulting in a more powerful shot. This makes our trigger unit superior to traditional pull ring hand-held Co2 launchers.

Whether you prefer to rent or buy, we have you covered. If you choose to rent one of our handheld Co2 launchers and later decide to purchase it, we'll credit the rental price towards your purchase.

For a handheld Co2 launcher that delivers consistent performance every time, contact Flutter FETTI - the confetti experts serving clients worldwide.

Reservoir unit is protected by U.S. Patent #10,222,169 B2.

For more detail visit our site!

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