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Fitness and Health Boot Camp in Pasadena – Five Star Pasadena

Anuncio# A74308 · San Antonio, Texas

Five Star Pasadena offers fitness and performance boot camp in Pasadena to help you achieve your personal goals. Our customized fitness and training programs are for individuals, corporate, health care, performance, sports training and more. Our EXOS platform offers the perfect environment and training program that will meet your unique needs. Our boot camp program combines the power of mindset, nutrition, movement, and recovery. Why Choose us • Customized program for everyone • Fitness and health boot camp in Pasadena • Our facility is well equipped with everything you need to meet your goals • Latest tools and techniques to achieve your goals • Improve performance by training with the best team • Professional training programs for athletes • Trusted by coaches and trainers worldwide • Affiliated training programs We offer a very efficient and safe environment where you train to be fit, healthy or become a professional athlete. Visit our website for more information about our programs - »

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