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the very fact is cloud technology is useful for pretty much each business. It merely let everybody during a business share data anytime they require. it's owing to this reason AWS Devops designer training is turning into additional and additional fashionable as several organizations obtain tough professionals WHO will facilitate them during this matter.

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Devops with AWS Interview queries and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews Assignments are going to be provided

DEVOPS WITH AWS COURSE CONTENT (the course agenda may be changed as per client requirements):

Topics Covered •Agile Methodology and DevOps •Linux Basics: •Scripting - Bash (shell scripting) and Advanced Python Programming •SCM – Git •Build Management – Ant •Web/Application Server – apache and Tomcat •Database – MySQL, MongoDB (NoSQL) •Cloud Computing – AWS: ec2, VPC, S3, Cloudwatch, IAM, SES, RDS, Cloudfront, EC2 command line tools, Python Boto module etc •DevOps Tools - Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant, Nagios •Configuration Management using Chef / Puppet / Ansible / •Continues Integration – Jenkins •Binary Repository Manager – Nexus •Infrastructure Monitoring – Nagios •Static Code analysis – Sonar

DevOps: •Software Methodologies – An overview •Agile •Continues Integration and Continues Delivery •DevOps

Linux OS: •Linux Boot Loader •Kernel •Daemons •Linux Shell •Applications

Scripting: Shell scripting: Variables and Strings, Regular expressions, AWK, SED, Functions, Loop – for look and while loop

Scripting (Continued): Advanced Python programming: Strings manipulation, Python variables, Functions, Loops, Advanced networking programming, Database connections, Introduction to Classes and Objects, Emailing using Python, Multithreading, Regular expressions

SCM: SVN (Basics): Installation and environment setup, working with svn.

SCM (Continued): Git (Advanced): installation and environment setup, Basic concepts, Tag, Patch, Branching, Operations – Clone, review, commit, push, update, stash, move, rename, delete etc, Best practices

Build Management: •Ant: Installation and Configuration, Build file, Property, Data types, Creatin, WAR/JAR files, Deployment,

•Maven (Basics): Installation and configuration Web/Application Server: Tomcat: Install and Configure, Admin console, Deployments, Tomcat as HTTP server, Apache proxy Pass

AWS: Cloud Computing: •EC2 •S3 •IAM •RDS •CloudFront •Cloudformation •Route 53 •SES •EC2 Command Line Tools •Python Boto Module and automation

Databases: Mysql: Concepts of relational data model, Administration, SQL, Join Operations, Transactions, Indexing, SQL injection attacks, DB import and export.

Databases (Continued): MongoDB: Cocepts and Advantages of NoSQL data model, Queries, Data types, Indexing, Replication, Sharding DevOps Tools: Chef: Install and Configure Server and Workstations, knife, Roles and Environments, Writing Cookbooks in chef, Bootstrapping nodes, Key Authentication

DevOps Tools (Continued): Docker: Install and Configure, Docker container, Imgaes and VMs, Revisioning, Docker in your infrastructure.

DevOps Tools (Continued): Vagrant: Install and Configure, Vagrant images, Provisioning servers, Virtualbox integration, Vagrant modules for AWS and Rackspace

DevOps Tools (Continued): AWS for Cloud computing: AWS Services, EC2, VPC, S3, Elastic Volumes, Instance stores, RDS, Elastic Load Balancers, Cloudwatch, Cloudfront, Cloudformation. Nagios for Infra-Monitoring/Plugins: Install and Configure, Nagions host definitions, Service Definitions, Host/Service templates, Hostgroups, ServiceGroups, Event Handlers, Email notifications, Timeperiods.

CI - Continues Integration (Done): Jenkins: Introduction to Continues Integration, Install and Configure, Jenkins integration with tomcat, Git, Ant, Deployer etc, Automated Deployment using Jenkins, Continues Deployment, Security, Reporting. Binary Repository Manager: Nexus: Install and Configure, Sharing Libraries and Binaries. Static Code analysis: Sonar for Java & .Net: install and Conifgure Static Code analysis.

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