Caribbean Punch by Glas Basix E-Liquid - California - 44086

Caribbean Punch by Glas Basix E-Liquid

Anuncio# A44086 · Los Angeles, California

Caribbean Punch » – Like the intoxicating vibe of the islands, it’s the perfect blend of succulent peach, mouthwatering pineapple, sweet strawberry, refreshing apples and a hint of apricot. Truly tropical bliss!

The Glas Basix » range is a new line up of e-liquids aimed to be vaped as ‘everyday essentials’ from the Glas stable. There are six brand new flavors, each one mixed to the extremely high standards set by Glas. Glas introduced its first e-liquid line-up with Poundcake paving the way for a collection of world-class vape juice flavors. Housed in custom-moulded bottles, with uncompromising quality and consistency along with a passion for excellence, Glas E-Liquid vape juice blends will be the staple of your e-liquid rotation.

Specifications: Size: 60ML Nic Level: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg.

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