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Buy Now 165W LED Linear High Bay Light at Low Price

Anuncio# A31065 · Butte, Montana

Today customers are attracted more by the way you are presenting your products to them, hence the lighting you choose should be appealing so that they get fascinated by your displayed items. If you run any departmental or conventional store, you can use LED Linear high bay lights at your place which have a ceiling height of 15ft to 25 fts. These lights easily get fixed inside the ceiling and offer lighting in an empowered way that can increase the customer’s footfall inside your store.

You can install 2FT 165W LED Linear High Bay Light » if seeking to brighten your indoor commercial place.

Features of 2ft 165w LED linear high bay light making it an ideal replacement to the existing lights are as follows:

  • These 2ft 165w LED Linear high bay light can replace 400 watts metal halide in energy efficient way, on an average, single 165w LED Linear High Bay fixture can save 180 watts of energy per fixture and the departmental store which requires lot of these fixtures can give you a noticeable amount of savings.
  • These 2ft 165w LED Linear high bay lights have received all the mandatory approvals including cULus, DLC UL among others that make these lights a safe and secure way to lighten the environment.
  • The lumen output of these linear high bay lights are 21,450 with lumen efficiency of 130 lumens per watt. The LEDMyplace’s linear high bay lights will offer you more brightness as compared to any other normal light. Also th color temperature is 5000K suitable for indoor commercial areas.
  • These lights come with a heat sink that is made up of aluminium to offer heat dissipation so that the LED lights don’t heat up even if used for a long run.
  • Comes with IP65 Waterproof rating in addition to 5 year warranty from the manufacture’s end.

In addition to the above advantages, these 2ft 165w LED linear high bay light have many other advantages making it perfect for your big departmental stores. You can only increase your sales, if your make the products and items more appealing and attractive in the eyes of customers. So switch to these lights for higher sales.

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