BMW angel eyes h8 bulb by XenonPlanet - New Jersey - 54315

BMW angel eyes h8 bulb by XenonPlanet

Anuncio# A54315 · Jersey City, New Jersey

Xenon Planet is known as the best solution provider for your vehicle's lightening including HID bulbs, Headlight parts, LED angle eyes, TMS controls unit module for BMW, Lear and other accessories like ballast controls unit cable and HID bulb cable etc.

Xenon planet offer H8 Angel Eyes bulbs » is direct replacement to an existing H8 halogen bulbs for your BMW. Each H8 bulb has four pieces of 2.5W CREE LED to ensure it emits as much as possible light and halo rings are as bright as possible. Xenon Planet offers only genuine H8 CREE LEDs and we are sure that our kit will beat any 60W, 80W or even 120W power kit compared in halo rings brightness.

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