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Best smartwatch review: choose your best one The type and weight: » There are several types of smartwatches » . You should know that sports smartwatches are not the same as the normal ones.

Their primary purpose is to support athletes with expert functions related to their training and their metabolism.

They are enriched with a Bluetooth connection to communicate with the smartphone. The best sports smartwatch has to be very light. Heavyweight smartwatches » will not be suitable for runners, or athletes wanting to do exercises using cardio.


What’s better than a waterproof sports smartwatch? The watch for swimming and all water sports. Allowing for daily monitoring, and in almost all situations, waterproofing is an important criterion when choosing your sports smartwatch. If you do not plan to swim, the seal is useful when there is heavy rain, or if it falls into the water.

Issues And Security

A smartwatch is simply an object that is connected to the Internet. The so-called IOTs even have their IP address and connect to your Internet network via wifi or Bluetooth.

All sectors are concerned about the use of smartwatch. Beyond the only individuals who can use it in their daily life, they are also beneficial for many public sectors such as urban planning, or even health. But today will discuss the issues and security of this smartwatch. »

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