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Best gold detector 2019 - ground navigator 2.0

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New 2019 - Best 3D Metal Detector Ever - Ground Navigator 2 best German technology for ground scanning and metal detection . powerful 3D imaging system , bundled with a Tablet for display of results. If you are looking for a ground scanner and metal detector, GROUND NAVIGATOR may be the perfect one for you. It is the latest model from OKM Metal Detectors-Germany.

Ground Navigator is a deep ground scanning device that can scan up to 45 meters deep and shows the scan result in 3D graphics. Through its 3D feature, you can easily determine if there is any unusually under the ground such as the presence of buried metals and artifacts and even those structures hidden under the ground such as underground caves, tunnels, basements, and the likes. It is even possible to know the location, depth, size, and position of the target before excavation with the help of the 3D software.

Ground Navigator is equipped with a telescopic super sensor that can be adjusted in length depending on the operators' preference. This super sensor can detect small objects which may be of great value such as gold nuggets, coins, rings, and other buried valuable metallic objects.

The device is also supported with a magnetometer to find any ferromagnetic materials. It is used for a quick pre-scan that allows trash removal on the ground surface before conducting a real 3D ground scan. 3D Ground Navigator 2 is available now, with free shipping to any country in the world via DHL and we offer free technical support. Our address on map: » Please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more info about this device and other devices: » Order your device now by contact with us via the following contacts: » Mobile1: 00971507737755 Mobile2: 00971503380055 Phone: 0097126584321 web: » Gold and treasure detectors The new Ground Navigator 2.0 - 2019

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