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AWS course designed to point out the way to structure and run Cloud Services in Amazon web Services with a active expertise in AWS public cloud. All the AWS course categories give the learners with special interactive sessions on AWS EC2, S3, VPC, EBS, IAM, Lambda, Redshift, Cloudtrail, Amazon ELB and auto-scaling.

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AWS Interview queries and Answers, Recorded Video Sessions, Materials, Mock Interviews, Assignments are provided.

Amazon web Services content / Agenda

(we will customise the course course of study as per your requirements)

Introduction to Cloud Computing • Introduction to AWS • Elastic Compute Cloud • Virtual Private Cloud • Simple Storage Service • Elastic Block Store • Elastic File System • Elastic Load Balancer • Relational Database Service • Identity and Access Management • Route53 • Cloud Watch and Simple Notification Service • AWS Cloud Formation • Auto Scaling and Launch Configuration • AWS DynamoDB Overview • AWS Calculator • AWS Cloudtrail • AWS Security Advisor • Architecting on AWS Demo • AWS Solution Architect certification walkthrough

Introduction to Cloud Computing o What is Cloud Computing o Deployment models of Cloud Computing o Service Models of Cloud Computing o Benefits of Cloud Computing

Introduction to AWS o Short history of AWS o AWS platform with Core services o Overview of AWS certifications

Elastic Compute Cloud o On Demand, Spot and Reserved instances o Launching Linux and Windows EC2 instance o Setting up the security groups o Private IP, Public IP, Elastic IP o Logging into instances Linux and Windows o Creating AMI, Copying AMI o Tagging EC2 instances, Bootstrapping

Virtual Private Cloud o Using VPC wizard, setup different network types o Creating new VPC o Managing NACL and Security groups o Public and private subnets o Route tables, IGW

Simple Storage Service o Managing S3 buckets o Adding objects to buckets o Uses of S3 storage o Permissions of S3 o Versioning and Life cycles in S3 o Data archiving and backups in Glacier

Elastic Block Store o Creating and Deleting Volumes o Attaching and detaching volumes o Creating snapshots o Increasing volume size o Mounting and un-mounting volumes

Elastic Load Balancer o Creating load balancer o Internal and external load balancer o Load balancing Protocols o Configuring health check o Attaching instances to load balancer o Troubleshooting “Out of Service”

Relational Database Service o Creating and managing RDS instances o Connecting to RDS instances o Creating and restoring snapshots o RDS security groups, parameter groups, Subnet groups o What is Multi-AZ

Identity and Access Management o Creating users in IAM o Setting up MFA o Creating groups, policies and roles o Access keys and secret keys o Delegation of permissions to users o Policy simulator

AWS Route53 o Managing hosted zones o Creating record sets o Types of routing policies o Creating health checks

Cloud Watch and Simple Notification Service o Monitoring AWS service health dashboard o Different services under cloud watch and there metrics o Setting up notifications o Creation of topics o Subscribing to topics o Setting notification for EC2

AWS auto scaling o Configuring Launch configuration o Configuring auto scaling policies o Using auto scaling with Load balancer o Knowing elasticity, scalability, HA, DR concepts

Demo – Architecting on AWS o Short live demo of how to architect on AWS using its different services

AWS CloudFormation o Creating template, knowing its basic building blocks o Executing stack

AWS CloudTrail o Understanding API call logs and monitoring

AWS Calculator • Estimating the monthly cost using calculator

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