Alienware Support Phone-number +1-855-999-4811 - Arizona - 31926

Alienware Support Phone-number +1-855-999-4811

Anuncio# A31926 · Phoenix, Arizona

Steady, short beeps- » the energy source may be bad, this really is a good one. We tested the power source to determine if it flipped matters on, however, suppose it isn't turning everything on? Or should the voltages are wrong? This POST test helps us narrow the root down to the power supply. An alternative would ordinarily be necessary.

Long continuous beep tone- Memory collapse. That is what you hear if one or both of your Random Access Memory (RAM) sticks moves awful. If there is more than one stick installed, try taking one out first to see if the computer boots, even if it doesn't, try using the other person. Usually, this can tell you which stick has gone bad, and you may replace or upgrade consequently. If there's just 1 stick installed, you will need to replace or upgrade to resolve the issue. »

Steady long beeps- This really is another post-code which noticed a terrible power supply. The distinction is, while the"stable, short beeps" code notes that the power supply may be awful, this POST code notes that is has gone awful.

No Beep- Maybe not hearing a beep is additionally recorded on the exam, also notes the maximum obvious resolution. Just like we went over at the start of the report, the A+ exam will expect you to be aware that no beep may mean that the energy source isn't plugged, or never fired up. In addition, this may be a sign of the power supply being completely dead.

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