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5 Strategic marketing lessons from Amazon Prime days haul

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Last month witnessed the most epic shopping haul from Amazon in the form of Amazon Prime days. Amazon prime days are one of the most awaited events of the year especially for ecommerce » addicts who are always eyeing on the best offers to make purchases. However, this time Amazon not only set an example in terms of expert deals and engagement as a result of it but it also grabbed massive eyeballs in the martech sector for the marketing strategy that they opted. Amazon prime days were hosted globally and saw a massive surge of sales. While such an amazing haul was a trendsetter to other E-commerce platforms, it has also managed to ravage the trending martech and pertaining Marketing arena by dawning many hats at the same time.

Let us quickly dive into some facets of its Marketing that bees in the news ever since the huge success that was the Amazon Prime Day:

  1. Influencer Marketing Amazon took its influencer marketing a notch higher by subdividing continents and approaching only the trending influencer platforms of the region to design its Instagram influencer and micro-influencer outreach. The accounts were inclined towards lifestyle and other than targeting only reviewers or bloggers. They decided to include normal people who tend to have a minimized but authentic following, whose opinion and choice would be taken seriously even though to one person. This indeed was followed by a fixed set of creatives and insights and impressions review per account.

  2. Augmented Reality Amazon day started the VR shopping set which makes shopping online a true experience. It not only gives you access to shopping in a different tangent but also allows you to experience your visualization experience in 3G. Also, the placement of the VR sets was strategically planned, and they were placed in the most populated location with the maximum traction. For ex – A shopping mall is the most strategic location to spot a potential shopper. Amplifying the shopper experience in such a place already gives the brand an upper hand.

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