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300W LED Flood Lights Ensure Safety While Driving on Streets

Anuncio# A30360 · Aiken, South Carolina

LED Flood lights not only brighten the streets with utmost shining but also help numerous pedestrians and drivers in reaching their homes safely. These flood lights come in various different watts and sizes so that according to the requirement you can choose the most suitable one and one very popular light is 300W LED Flood Light » that is available in Bronze color.

Advantages of using 300W LED flood lights are as follows:

  • On an average, a bronze colored 300w LED flood light emits approximately 40,521 lumens that reduce the dark spots by covering huge areas. Also, the color temperature of this LED flood light is 5700K.
  • By using a 300W LED flood light you can replace a 1000W of metal-halide and can make a huge saving in terms of electricity and cost.
  • These lights rare IP 65 and can withstand harsh and challenging weather condition and protect against any ingress of dust or moisture.
  • Comes with 5 Years of manufacturer’s Warranty along with 30 days return guarantee.
  • UL and DLC certified.

So if you are concerned about the safety of night drivers, then immediately replace those traditional lights with these smart LED Flood lights and enjoy the lighting for at least 50,000 hours.

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