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300W LED Flood Lights Ensure Safety While Driving on Streets

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The LED Flood lights or better known as the outdoor security lights as well are the best form of lights that can be used to brighten the streets with maximum bright ness and shininess thus allowing the people to reach to their homes safely and securely. Among various flood lights that are available in the market, you can use 300W LED Flood Light » to make the place more ambient and versatile.

Advantages of using 300W LED flood lights are as follows:

  • You can install these lights in more than one way either you can mount the fixture by yoke/flood or by the knuckle mounting method as well. IN either of the way, the installation becomes much less time consuming than the traditional MH lighting fixture.
  • Comes with a lumen output of 40521, these flood lights emits approximately 40,521 lumens of output that can remove the dark spots effectively.
  • This 300W LED flood light is a perfect replacement to 1000W of MH lights which can give you more savings in term of electricity and cost.
  • Also the IP 65 rating of these light make them more durable and stronger and you can use them without getting worried about the wet climatic conditions as well.
  • Get 5 Years of manufacturer’s Warranty in addition to 30 days return guarantee from LEDMyplace that will give 100% customer satisfaction.
  • This bronze colored 300w LED flood light comes with necessary approvals and certifications including UL and DLC approvals.
  • Contain no mercury and halogen.

So use LED flood light at the places where the safety and security of the people is utmost important and you don’t want to compromise on their safety at all.

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